Work, Work, and... some highlights.

8:11 PM

I'll admit, I'm tired. Working five days out of the week and having something going almost every Saturday and Sunday is wearing me down. I've never had the energy that most people have. Working full time outside the home is a strain on me physically. However, God is sustaining me. So here is a little of what I've been up to.

See that? It's a peach blossom. We've had Robins and peach blossoms around our place for the last two weeks. Spring is on the way!

Both of these photos show my work at the thrift store. The top photo is of the now organized bins that hold sorted books. My work at the thrift store is winding down, but I have enjoyed it.

This Sunday, I was honored to get to go with Rose to the bridal shower of our friend Hannah. She is about to marry and move to Oklahoma. It was a blessing to get to celebrate with her and 

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  1. Fun! I certainly wouldn't mind having a job organizing books at the thrift store. I certainly hope you're getting an employee discount. :)