Once upon a time...

1:00 AM

Once upon a time, there were some girls that got together and did a blog called Meditations of His Love. It was a devotional blog and the girls who were part of it got to be pretty good friends. Most of them stayed in touch long after the blog was no longer around. One of those people was Rachelle Rea - the daring girl.

Rachelle and Sarah stayed in contact over the years. In fact, Sarah got to read an early version of what was to become the Steadfast Love series. This year, these two friends got to hug for the first time on a rainy day in Charleston.

 They got to explore some of this beautiful city that will be the setting for Kate's Case Files, book 3

It has been a dream of mine to meet Rachelle in person. She was the one who got me to start texting, she was the person I dedicated A Different Kind of Courage too, and we have shared a lot of good and bad times together.

I'm very grateful that I got to meet Rachelle. Have you read her books?

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