And then we took some photos

1:00 AM

Rose wanted to have a photoshoot with her wedding dress. This proves how different the two of us are. My sister Mikayla had to twist my arm to get me to take new author photos last year, and I found the one-hour session only bearable because my family was there with me, and we always manage to have fun together. Rose on the other hand I think would be happy to pose all day long; she finds it fun. To each her own, right?

Our older sister agreed to do the photo shoot, and so we drove the five hours to the Tyler Rose Garden (I kept thinking of Kate’s Capitol) to do Rose’s photo shoot. She looked amazing.

Of course, I can’t share any of the amazing photos here until after the wedding, but it was a special time. We hung out with our older sister and two nieces, laughed, and watched Rose get all dolled up and excited about the photos.

This is all part of the wedding journey. Stay tuned to see how my room has undergone a drastic change.

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  1. I look forward to seeing the pictures after the wedding. I do not know why you dislike taking pictures. You a pretty lady.

    1. It isn't that I mind the photos themselves, I would just rather be doing something and looking around me instead of posing for a photo.