Adventure Between the Pages: Finding Becky

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Description: Finding Becky is the third novel in the Winds Across the Prairie series.  Becky Haynes returns to Barton Creek after college with a new independent spirit that baffles her longtime friend Rob Frankston. Her new attitude toward her faith, family, and friends confuses her family. When a stranger moves into Barton Creek, Becky is flattered and taken in by the attentions of Geoff Kensington. As Oklahoma approaches statehood, strange accidents befall the citizens of Barton Creek. Rob has his suspicions concerning Geoff, but will he be able to find proof and convince Becky to return to the faith of her childhood before the town of Barton Creek is destroyed?

I have loved the first two books in this series. I had the privilege of meeting Martha Rogers a few years ago and her faith shines not only in her books but in her life. I was excited when I found a discounted copy of this book to read.

I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed in this story. I liked Becky, but between books she became an annoying know-it-all. However, Becky got a lot of silly ideas stuck in her head. That would have been okay, but the change in her fell a little flat. As the other two books in this series were very powerful that was disappointing.

Geoff was a confusing character, and he made me dizzy. Even at the end of the book I had no idea what kind of guy he was. As he is a big part of the story, this also made for a disappointing aspect of the story.

Rob was the best character. He loves Becky and doesn’t give up on her. With that said, he also doesn’t stand on his principles. Not giving up on someone should never mean ignoring your values.
The setting was great. Being back in Barton Springs and seeing Lucy, Dove, and the rest was great. I felt so at home and cozy. While most of the book was disappointing, just being back in the setting I love was worth it.

While not my favorite, if you love the first two books in the series, you ought to read this one.

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