Holman Writing Adventures: When the creativity isn't there

6:03 PM

This week has been mixed. I have started working on promoting the upcoming release of Courage and Corruption - the third Tales of Taelis book (scroll to the bottom if you want to find out more). I also have started editing Dreams and Devotion. I am also working on writing F&F. However, the creative part of my brain hasn't been working well the past couple of days. Even the image for this post is plain because it just hasn't been in full gear. To be very honest, I think some of it is that hormones are doing strange things. Yet, God is using is for my good.

This week, I started taking a course in Christian Counseling. I have been trying to divide my time between that and my writing. With my creativity shut down for them moment, I have been focusing my efforts on those classes. I highly recommend them (you can take them for free) as it is not a man-made system.

God also has laid a new project on my heart. It is a book for older singles. I don't feel qualified to write it, but as wise people have said before me, God does not call the qualified, he qualifies the called. I plan to map it out today and see where God takes it.

Are you interested helping to promote Courage and Corruption? Would you like to be an advanced reader? You can do one or both by clicking here.
Oh, and even if you haven't read the first two books, you can read this one.

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  1. I understand about creativity feeling dry, but you're right: God does always bring good out of everything!
    I think that's really neat that you feel God has placed that desire on your heart to write that book - I'd definitely read it. :) God bless you, Sarah!