...Looking Ahead

1:00 AM

Yes, I have big plans for this year. I have been working hard on a lot of things to be ready to accomplish them. 

I have organized my Goodreads shelf is placed in the order that I want to read books.

I have recognized my writing corner and planned out a schedule to allow for a lot more writing time.

I have already started working on my newsletters for the next month to they will be easy to keep up with.

I put my scrapbooking supplies in order.

I picked out books and have a notebook to help me with my biblical womanhood study.

I have cut out a lot of things that I have been doing so that I can better keep the commitments I make.

What are your goals this year?

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  1. Those are all great goals! I admire you for sticking to them. I pray you are blessed in this coming year!