Changing Destiny: Where God has me right now

8:28 AM

Has it really been almost a month since I posted on this blog? Wow! It is a testament to how busy my life is and how God reveals His new plans (new to us, not Him) quickly sometimes.

On Memorial weekend of this year, central Texas was hit heavily by the floods. While my family and I were fine, many in my home town did not fare so well. That is when an organization called Austin Disaster Relief Network moved in to help.

I went to a training class, and I knew that this was something God wanted me to take part in.

This is that training I went to. Someone snapped a picture while everyone was praying.

So I started volunteering along with my sisters.

Yes, we wear awesome yellow shirts
While I expected to volunteer for two to three weeks straight and then come in every so often God had other plans. I found myself, as the call center manager. That was not my plan, but God has much bigger plans for us than we could ever have for ourselves.

There are a lot of ups and downs right now emotionally, because of how stressful my job is, but God is teaching me so much. I feel like in the last four weeks I have grown more in my faith than I had in the previous year. I praise God for this time of great change and stretching.

Hopefully I will learn how to balance my full-time job with the rest of my life so that I can blog more often.

Office, friends, and family help celebrate my 25th Birthday

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