Life without TV and other good things

12:21 PM

My sisters and I decided that we needed a month without watching movies. It is something that we used to do at least once a year, but haven't done it at least two. It isn't that we have a problem with watching movies, but taking a month off makes us realize how much time we are spending in front of the TV, and helps to reestablish good habits. Like I realized how often I watched a movie instead of read a book.

Even though I have been struggling with Ceder fever (a horrible allergy to have right now), I have been working almost daily on my writing in some form or fashion. I have completed two more short stories (One will be coming out next month) and am now knee deep into the final edits for Brothers and Betrayal. Thanks to my awesome editing team, they have been a breeze so far.

What else have I been doing? I have been going through my old blog posts, adding pinnable images, and deleting a few that really had no real meaning. It has been fun to see how far I have come, as some of the early posts were rather funny. However, I am also remembering how much fun those early blog posts were. I wasn't trying to impress anyone or build a following that hung on my every word. I was just sharing my life and thoughts with people. I want to get back to that.

So, this is the first of (I hope) many blog posts to come that just share my normal life with you.

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