Writing Saturday: Coming this year

1:00 AM

Every month this year, I plan on publishing something, mostly short stories. However, I plan to add two books to the Tales of Taelis series. I am also starting a new series: Kate's Case Files, a contemporary mystery/suspense for adults. Here is my plan:

January 17th ~ Waltz into the Waves: A Cinderella story (short story)

February ~ Brothers and Betrayal: Book 2 of the Tales of Taelis

March ~  Joseph of Arimathea: A Story of Easter (short story)

April ~ Quest for the Beast: A Beauty and the Beast Story (short story)

May ~ Kate's Innocence: Book 1 in the Kate's Case Files

June ~ The Youngest, The Oldest, and the Wardrobe (short story)

July ~ Continuing Destiny: Short Stories with the character from the Destiny Trilogy

August ~  Book 2 in the Kate's Case Files

September ~ Janet (short story)

October ~ Courage and Corruption: Book 3 of the Tales of Taelis

November ~ A Christmas short story

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