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Rachelle has become one of my favorite authors to relax with. Her stories of the fictional country of Lydia are so much fun. I am so honored she is here today to talk about her books.

Rachelle McCalla
Princess in Peril (Reclaiming The Crown, #1)Rachelle, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I have four young children who keep me very busy. When I'm not writing or making homemade play-doh, I can usually be found doing home-improvement projects, or getting creative with historical reproduction costumes. 

Defending the Duchess (Protecting the Crown, #2)What inspired the country of Lydia? 
The country of Lydia is based on a real historical figure named Lydia, who we know about from the Bible in Acts 16. I've based the Kingdom of Lydia on the church that met at her house--with the idea that the congregation grew and continued on in a direct line from her time to the present day.

Interestingly enough, there really was a nation called Lydia in ancient times, far before the book of Acts was written. It is in a slightly different location than my kingdom, but the capital of both countries is the city of Sardis. 

What is your favorite part of using it as the setting in your stories?
I enjoyed the Mediterranean setting very much! It is such a beautiful area of the world, which had unfortunately had a very rocky history. I liked being able to set aside a portion of that place and give it a faithful history, instead.

Prince Incognito (Reclaiming The Crown, #3)Out of the characters you have written, do you have a favorite princess?
I think my favorite princess is probably Lillian Bardici, Alec's bride. Their story is also my favorite of the four--although sadly I don't like the cover nearly as well as the other three books.

Are there real places and people you draw inspiration for your Lydia stories? 
A little bit. For example, Anastasia's name, and her story, were inspired in part by the Romanov assassination, a fact which I touch on in the "Dear "Reader" letter at the end of the book. However, I've read some reviews that state the books was based on the Russian princess--and that is most certainly not accurate.

Protecting the Princess (Reclaiming The Crown, #2)Faith always plays an important part in your stories. Why do you feel that is important?
Faith is important in sustaining the characters through the trials they endure, and also in knitting together their growing love for one another.

If you could chose what your readers take away from your stories, what would it be?
I think the biggest thing I want to impart with my stories is inspiration. We all go through trials--hopefully not the kind of life-or-death situations my characters face--but we all have difficult situations to get through. I hope that my stories encourage people and give them faith and hope.

Do you have any final thoughts? 
Thank you so much for having me!

Find out more about Rachelle and her books by visiting her Amazon, and Goodreads page.

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