3:16 PM

I thought I would share some big (and small) news with you today.
First off I was very honored to be invited to join Word Painters! I will now be posting there three times a month
Grab Our Button!

Do you have a book you need formatted? Come February, you will be able to hire me to do it.
If you already know you are going to need my services, shoot me an email so that I can save you a spot.

One a fun note, my Google Plus page now has a custom link!
That looks much better then a string of numbers

Do you have any news you want to share?

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  1. Three times a week? That must be a typo...surely!

    I just recently got a custom link as well! Makes it SO much easier to remember than the long string of numbers!

    1. You are right, Esther. It is three times a week. Someday I will learn to slow down when I am writing blog posts.