Writing Saturday: Q is for Quint

1:00 AM

I was surprised at my readers’ reaction to the character of Quint.  I had the most fun writing his character but I figured that most of my readers wouldn’t enjoy him as much as I did.  I was wrong. Quint ended up becoming a favorite to many people.  Here are some facts you may or may not know about Quint.

Quint is based off of Hans Solo
Hans Solo

Quint has an Australian accent

A few people have asked me to write Quint’s backstory.  So are you ready?  Here are the opening lines of my future book.

Quint flinched at the sound of the lamp shattering against stone wall. His mother had lost it.
“You were a mistake!” His mother yelled. “I wish you had never been born!”
Quint recoiled, taking a step back from his mother and closing his heart, never to be opened again for anyone.

 As you can see, Quint had a rough childhood.

The reason Quint decided to help Maria is because she reminded him of his sister.

I hope you have enjoyed this peek behind the scenes of my characters.  If you did, let me know which character you want me to do next. 

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  1. I love it. Quint is one of my favorite characters. Ever. I really want to find out more about him!