Jane Austen; My favorite Movies

3:00 AM

Pride and Prejudice

I like this version the best because 1. It is closest to the book and 2. They develop the characters so well.


This one was so funny as well as very close to the book.  I loved the girl they got to play Emma, and I loved the way they started the movie.

The cinematography was amazing in this one.  Very different from any I had ever seen.  You could really feel and see Anne’s heartache.  I also loved what they did with Captain Wentworth’s character.

Mansfield Park
I love this story!  It is so sweet.  This version doesn’t have the best leading lady in it but until I can find a better, clean version, this is my favorite

As for Northanger Abby I have yet to find a version I like of it, and I didn’t care much for Sense and Sensibility.

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  1. I loved reading your post! I am a HUGE Jane Austin fan. I read, re-read her books over and over. They never seem to get old for me. I liked your reviews. It's always so hard for me to watch the movies, because I end up comparing them the novels, which of course is no comparison, but fun to watch!