Book Review; High Calling

6:19 AM

Age group; Any Age

Rating (1-10) 8

Yesterday I had the time to read I book that I bought last week. It was a book that I had wanted to read since it came out, but I found it at a resale shop at a price I could afford last week. The book was High Calling; the courageous life and faith of space shuttle Columbia Commander Rick Husband, by Evelyn Husband.

I have read many books on great men and women of the faith, and this belongs among them. Mr. Husband wanted to be an astronaut from the time he was four years old, and he never wavered from that goal. He spent the first thirty years of his life working to meet all the requirements for NASA’s astronaut program and was turned down twice. It was after the first rejection that God really got a hold of him and changed his life.

This book was a great example of following God and trusting him in all things. I would highly recommend it.

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