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It is easier to stand in the cold protesting than to stand in the warmth with someone whose life is falling apart.

It is easier to stand an hour shouting than to spend an hour listening to a breaking heart.

It is easier to know what you are supposed to do than to actually do it.

It is easier to take a stand when you have people who support you than when you are all alone.

It is easier to judge someone when you yourself have never been in their place.

It is easier to say someone should do something than do it yourself.

It is easier to walk to the other side of the road and ignore the outcasts.

It is easier to tell someone what they are about to do is wrong while we stand on this side of the fence.

It is far easier to be a hypocrite than any of us would like it to be.

It is hard to love those who standards are so low, but that is what Christ did.

It is hard to be kind to a person who is making bad decisions, yet Jesus did it every day.

It is hard to believe that many would waste the precious gift of grace that God holds out to them, but isn’t that what we are doing?

Have we forgotten that God loved us at our worst?  That he took hold of us while we were in our sin?  That we didn’t have to wait until our morals were high to receive our salvation? Have we forgotten that God loved us before we ever loved him?  Have we not learned that we are supposed to extend that love to those who are dying in their sins?

It is easy to believe that we are too holy to reach down and touch a shattered life.

It is hard for us to except that sometimes, we try to live a life holier than Jesus did.

It is easy to thank Christ for saving us from our sin and gave us his love.

It is hard to live that love.

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  1. Very good, Sarah. This is inspiring.

  2. Wonderful, especially as I see you living it out. Too convicting for some of us. Monica