A Little More on Writing

9:47 AM

Check out my new writing page! You can see what I am working on and where I am in the process of writing. You can also leave suggestions and thoughts on my projects.

In the mood to do some writing but not sure where to start? Check out these blogs to get some great ideas.

Literary Pursuits  Jessica is a very good friend and a good writer. She has all sorts of writing exercises that you will find fun and helpful.

Word Play  K. M. Wieland is a wonderful writer and has all sorts of tips on her blog that I find helpful. Make sure to check out her books!

Christ is Write  This is a new blog to me, but I have found some of the tips here very helpful.

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  1. Thanks, Sarah! I really love your posts also. I've added your blog under My Favorite Blogs list. =)

    God bless,